Galaxy Radio Presents: Holly B // Friday Sep 21 @ Underground SF


Special Guest:

Holly B

Lel Ephant
Smac (Haceteria)
Emils (Jump to It!)
Photography and photo booth by
Alexa Mae (Haceteria, Go Bang!)
Design by
Chelsey Dyer
Tune into Galaxy Radio Every 3rd Friday for a broadcast/simulcast/streamcast LIVE! from Underground SF headquarters in the Lower Haight.  Be sure to dial in at Midnight when the needle drops on a special Italo Disco Lover’s Lane.
Modeled on the now classic CBS Top 100 (now IFM
and Detroit’s Electrifying Mojo (, Galaxy Radio is a retro-futuristic dance party in lower space.  Part discotheque, part radio show, Galaxy radio is where San Francisco’s underground community of spacelings, droids, robots, robettes and cybernetic organisms gather in secret to re-broadcast mankind’s vision of its arpeggiated future.  Italo Disco, hot house, space jams (but not like the movie) guide you through the cosmos.
Galaxy Radio Intergalactic Photo Booth:
Galaxy Radio Edits:
Galaxy Radio Jingles
Promo Mixes


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